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  • BMW E30 M3, 325i, and 320i racing at Nürburgring

    We enjoy watching this video of these E30s racing through the corners of the Nurburgring.  Check out the grip on those E30s as it enters and exits the apex, flat out! How many of y’all enjoy racing your E30s?  And which race tracks have y’all raced on?  Let us know!    

  • Michiana BMWCCA E30 325i Autocrossing


  • 900HP E30 Powered by an S38 Turbo

    We are excited to share with you this E30 M3 which is powered by an S38 Turbo producing 900 horsepower.  The engine code S38, also known as S38B36, belongs to an e34 M5 (1988-1992 BMW 5-series). JAAS Performance is responsible for this gorgeous unicorn who have put a lot of man hour building this monster machine.  This […]

  • BMW M3 E30 DTM – Hillclimb Bergrennen Special

    As soon as you press play, make sure your speaker’s volume is up as you wouldn’t want to miss the sound of the symphony coming out of the E30 M3’s exhaust. The E30 LifeStyle coming out of this driver is just raw and savage.  The driver handles the E30 M3 so well as if the […]

  • DTM History – The Golden Years (Verdammt lang her – BAP)

    DTM History – The Golden Years (Verdammt lang her – BAP)

    Over 20 years ago, Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) became the most important European touring car championship in the world alongside BTCC. The DTM cars from BMW E30s to, Audi, Saab, and to M-Benz W201 were fast and nimble as it races through the tracks. To the lucky fans who have been there all along in person, the […]

  • E30 Rally driver Patrick Snijers

    The driver of this E30 rally race car is a Belgian citizen named Patrick Snijers (pronounced – snah-yers). Patrick Snijers began his racing career in 1977. He has been known to hold the record of most wins recognized in the European Rally Championship: 44 (at least). He was also a seven-time Belgian champion, one-time champion of the Netherlands, and […]

  • Police vs BMW E30 M3

    Police vs BMW E30 M3

    It saddens us that a 15 year old would recklessly drive in the streets without a license/permit while endangering other lives as well as the police officers’ lives.  What saddens us even more is the kid used a BMW E30 M3, the unicorn of the BMW 3-series, to attempt to run away from the cops. The […]

  • Welcome to E30 LifeStyle Worldwide!

    Welcome to E30 LifeStyle Worldwide!

    Happy New Year!  Soon, you will learn more about what this site will bring to the world and to its E30 community. For now, please join our Facebook community and learn more about the E30 LifeStyle Worldwide!