How to do an Oil Change on your BMW E30

Ever wonder how to do your own oil change on your BMW E30?  Today, we have some simple steps on how to approach this process and we also provided an instructional video to help you out.


Tools required:

  1. Jack, Jack stands, or ramps
  2. Oil filter wrench
  3. Wrench (17mm) to remove the drain plug
  4. Oil drain pan
  5. Funnel
  6. Latex gloves


Materials required:

  1. Oil
  2. Oil filter



  1. Jack car up (see video)
  2. Put jack stands under car by the frame (see video)
  3. Open oil cap (for ventilation)
  4. Pull dipstick up (for ventilation)
  5. Place drain pan under oil pan by the drain plug
  6. Unscrew drain plug
  7. Drain oil
  8. Screw drain plug
  9. Unscrew oil filter
  10. Replace oil filter
  11. Put engine oil
  12. Push dipstick back in
  13. Close oil cap










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