Official BMW E30 Meet at Rudskogen 2014

An E30 meet being held in Rudskogen Motorsenter which is Norway’s oldest asphalt race circuit, opened May 20, 1990. The BMW E30s were greeted by other fellow BMW enthusiasts ranging from E38s to E46s, E34s, and E39s to name a few.

The parking lot filled with all the beautifully modded BMW E30s make Norway one of the desired places to visit for E30 enthusiasts. Learning from the Nordics on how they fix up their E30s would be an honour and a pleasure especially when it is a lesson about horsepower.

They are known to build high powered BMW E30s with many different types of engine transplant where the horsepower output produces at least 500whp and up.  Imagine an E30 beating exotic cars like it’s a walk in the park. Enjoy!









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