How to remove a non-airbag BMW E30 Steering Wheel Removal

How to remove a non-airbag BMW E30 steering wheel? Pictured is an M-tech I steering wheel which is found in 325is, M3 and some 325ix models.

Tools required:

  • Flat head screw driver
  • 22mm socket
  • Half inch extension
  • Half inch ratchet

The following are the instructions on how to remove your non-airbag BMW E30 steering wheel:

  1. Make sure your key is not in the ignition and turn the steering wheel, so it locks itself.
  2. Grab a flat head screw driver to remove roundel badge.
  3. Grab a 22mm socket on a half inch extension and a half inch ratchet.
  4. Break the nut lock lose by turning counter-clockwise.
  5. Remove lock nut, place key back to ignition, and turn key to first position. If you don’t put the key back in, you won’t be able to remove the steering wheel.

To install your BMW E30 steering wheel back on, simply reverse the steps of the removal instructions.

The instructional video below is straight-forward and easy to follow. Enjoy!







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