BMW E30 drifting in Poland

Meanwhile in Poland… a BMW E30 that was given a name ‘Yeti’, decides to drift the streets and hills of Poland in this visually stunning autumn masterpiece. With a 1JZ Supra engine swap, its heart transplant gives the E30 so much power that it slides through the roads and hills like a sharp samurai sword cutting a feather.

The appearance of the E30 is definitely not stock as it has been fitted with a wide body kit in order to rock the wide wheels and the modified steering column. With the growing E30 drift community, there has been information being shared on how to modify your E30’s steering by replacing its control arms with E46 and such, so that you get more steering angle upon drifting a turn. We will do a write up on how to do-it-yourself, DIY.

The owner of this BMW E30 loves the car so much that a Facebook page has been created dedicated to Yeti. Enjoy!









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