About Us

E30 LifeStyle is a world wide culture of car enthusiasts who love and enjoy a BMW chassis called E30.

E30 LifeStyle was founded in 2006 in Los Angeles by a group of strangers chatting and posting on E30 forums who decided to meet up one day and wrench on their cars in one of the strangers’ backyard.  An immediate connection amongst these strangers occurred upon the meet up as their passion and love for E30s has finally been recognized and acknowledged in person.

After the first successful meet up, more gatherings occurred that lead to backyard bbq’s, to car meets, to track days, to car meet bbq’s (carbeques), and more resulting in a strong lifetime bond of friendship.

Unbeknownst to these strangers who later became good friends, the passion and the love for their E30s was an experience that many E30 owners around the world can later relate to.

Hence, the experience of owning E30s has lead to a lifestyle, an E30 LifeStyle.

Below are before and after photos of many of these strangers’ cars.



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