How to convert to BMW E30 US Ellipsoid Headlights

How to convert the BMW E30 headlights to US Ellipsoids?  Or how to change the BMW E30 headlights to US Ellipsoids?  These might be the questions you’re asking Google which is what most likely lead you to here.

The wiring on how to remove your BMW E30 sealed beam headlights and upgrade to the US spec ellipsoid lights may vary depending on your year and model of E30.

In the video, it is wired a certain way, so the low beams and fogs turn off when the high beams are powered.  If you want the fogs and lows to be on with the highs, modification to the light relays is required.  The video does not cover that modification in this tutorial.

Below is an instructional video on what needs to be done in order to convert your BMW E30 headlights to US Ellipsoids.  Let us know what you think, enjoy!











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